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Coming out of the ‘Great Recession’, people needed to readjust their expectations and slowly take charge of their financial lives again. By reframing everyday actions as small successes, people could have the confidence to take on bigger and bigger challenges. We rebranded PNC bank to become the champion for "ACHIEVEMENT". We positioned the accomplishment of any and every goal, big and small, as an achievement. We successfully unified the entire company under this one simple umbrella platform and carved out unique expressions for every line-of-business.

Brand campaign

Virtual Wallet campaign

Virtual Wallet is an online Checking/Savings account created by PNC Bank that offers innovative features such as Moneybar, Calendar, Wishlist and Punch the Pig to help you manage your money. To market the features of Virtual Wallet, we created TV spots, iPhone apps, interactive wallscapes and everything in between.

Interactive wallscape: Punch the Pig is a feature that makes saving fun - just punch a virtual piggy bank to transfer money to your savings account. To show it off, we created OOH gesture-based games that challenged players to see how much they could save in 60 seconds.

The pig followed people and grunted at them to grab their attention.

The player then had 60 seconds to punch at the screen and collect as many coins as possible.

To play the game, a player will first get to choose a pig to punch.

At the end of the game, the player compared his score to other players around the city.

Wealth Management campaign
From the novice, looking to simply open an IRA, to high net-worth individuals planning an estate, we had to be sensitive to these nuances and give each subdivision their own look and feel, We had to manage what ‘ACHIEVEMENT:’ means to each of them, while still unifying them graphically and spiritually.

Financial literacy campaign
PNC forged a partnership with Sesame Street to promote financial literacy in pre-school children and teach them not just about money, but about the value of money. 

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